Applications Team: Ben Spurgeon

Ben Spurgeon

Senior Application Support Engineer

I’m incredibly lucky to head up a team of brilliant engineers, each with their own unique skillsets and experience. My passion for audio stemmed from my love of HiFi, concerts and festivals from a young age. My early work in the industry was spent in various music studios as a recording and mix engineer, getting to work with a host of inspiring artists.

Once I’d graduated from my Audio Engineering degree, my studio experience led to me working with SSL and Apogee in the UK, as well with the Harman portfolio of brands. I joined Audiologic in 2017 and have had the opportunity to work with some exciting projects and clients over the last few years. In addition to managing the team, I spend a lot of time developing our training offering.

A few project highlights include Manchester City – Etihad Stadium, Facebook HQ – Dublin, and British Airways – Waterside Theatre, just to name a few!

This year, we launched the Tech Tuesday content series which gives us a platform to share some of the knowledge we’ve all gained across our time in the industry.

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Applications Team Summary

The entire team possess great credentials, with four BSc degrees, four CTS accreditations and three MInstSCE accreditations in a team of just five. The aim is to have a fully CTS and MInstSCE accredited team, proving the knowledge and experience we collectively share. In the interest of constant progression, the team are also currently studying for CompTIA and Chartered Management. Aside from credentials the team has worked on a large variety of projects ranging from stadia, through live event venues to corporate offices. This experience allowed the team to develop technical skills in a multitude of scenarios.

Leading all product specification and system designs, the team’s input directly impacts the success of the business. The quality of work produced by the team has led to our customers winning massive contracts including stadia and large corporate work. The quality is matched by speed. By having a dedicated support team, the business can have a very rapid turnaround time on time-sensitive tender work. Our Senior Application Engineer, Ben, is also our youngest Senior member of staff and has led the quickly expanding team its continued success. By developing young leadership within the company, Audiologic seeks to support industry-wide initiatives of promoting young talent.

The application support team seeks to push the whole sector forward in terms of knowledge. Audiologic has previously contributed to doing so by heavily investing in the Learning Space, a dedicated, state if the art space for training and demonstrations. The team utlises this space by hosting product specific training, product demonstrations as well as ISCE accredited courses in audio. The team have managed to successfully promote graduate hiring into the company. As well as jobs being advertised in the traditional ways, the roles are also offered up to a local university to give newcomers an opportunity. This has led to three University of Hertfordshire graduates joining the company across multiple departments and is an initiative the team want to keep pushing.

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