Effortless Microsoft Teams Deployments with QSC and Sennheiser

Effortless Microsoft Teams Deployments with QSC and Sennheiser

Creating professional Video Conferencing deployments doesn’t need to be difficult. With the mass rollout of Teams Certified equipment, specifying new systems has never been easier.

Teams Accessory vs Teams Room Certification

Not all products are certified in the same way. A Certified Teams Room Solution is a bundle of products that have passed certification when all used in conjunction with each other. For this Certified solution, you cannot deviate from the package. Teams Accessories on the other hand are individual products that have passed the performance requirements for Microsoft Teams.

Our portfolio – Certified Teams Room with QSC & Sennheiser

Using the QSC and Sennheiser Room solution, we can easily scale to rooms of various sizes without adding complexity to the design stage. With the full Acoustic Design portfolio of speakers certified, you can swap size and format of speaker to best fit your requirements. For example:



QSC Q-SYS Core 110f Processor 1
QSC SPA Series SPA2-60 power amplifier 1
QSC AcousticDesign Series AD-C4T-LP ceiling-mount loudspeaker 2
QSC Q-SYS NS-1108P network switch 1
Sennheiser TeamConnect Ceiling 2 microphone 1

Download the QSC + Microsoft Teams Medium Room Guide

Scale the Microsoft Teams Room experience to rooms of all sizes and types to provide a consistent user experience for every participant in the room. The medium meeting room audio bundle helps overcome the challenges of some specialty rooms by providing the right infrastructure (Q-SYS) and the right peripherals (Q-SYS network switch, QSC amplifier and loudspeakers, along with the Sennheiser TeamConnect Ceiling 2 microphone.)

Room Size:
Medium Seat Count: 6-8


For Microsoft Teams Room designs, or any other solutions, get in touch with our Application Support Team.