Audix DN43

Microphone Interface For Dante


The DN43 microphone interface is a key part of the Audix Dante | AES67 Integrated Microphone System, the fast, trouble-free way to stream Audix audio performance through Ethernet networks. High-quality audio and all microphone functions – including on-off contact closure and LED status indicators – are available through a single CAT5 – CAT7 cable with RJ45 connections at both interface and microphone. This simple configuration eliminates wiring errors, accelerates installation, and reduces cost.

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Key features

  1. High-fidelity 24-bit, 48kHz audio
  2. Balanced audio inputs with RFI filtering
  3. 48V phantom power output
  4. Each channel has selectable pre-amp gain, as well as low and high-pass filters
  5. All channels controlled independently
  6. Flash memory prevents loss of settings in the event of power loss
  7. Compatible with the M3 tri-element microphone (DN43 only), the flush-mount,

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