Attero Tech

Innovative I/O for All

Originally founded in 2005 by eleven engineers in the US, Attero Tech grew into a global provider of innovative, cost-effective audio networking I/O endpoints and AV connectivity solutions. Attero Tech delivered unique solutions that solved real-world AV problems.

Fast forward to 2019, and an exciting new chapter has begun when Attero Tech was acquired by its new owners QSC. This now provides a unique and exciting combination for the rapidly growing portfolio of the Q-SYS audio, video and control (AV&C) Ecosystem with Attero Tech’s highly innovative portfolio of networked AV endpoints and I/O peripherals.

A primary guiding principal of QSC’s Q-SYS product development strategy has been a protocol agnostic, software-based approach utilising the best hardware available, combined with innovation at the software and application layer. This approach allowed QSC to deliver a standards-based, powerful, flexible and scalable AV&C platform unlike anything on the market. Adding the Attero Tech peripherals to the greater Q-SYS Ecosystem will expand existing options for integration today and in the future.

“This is such an exciting time for QSC and Attero Tech. We look forward to working to support this new integration strategy as it prioritise the needs of all our customers, ensuring we provide a positive experience for those looking to embrace opportunities for further integration.” – Audiologic