The Sonic Reference.

Since the founding of Genelec in Finland in 1978, professional audio monitoring has been at the core of their business. An unrivalled commitment to research and development has resulted in several industry firsts and established Genelec as an industry leader in active monitors. During the past decade, their business has since expanded beyond the professional studio monitor segment to selected AV installation markets such as hospitality, corporate AV, public places, music venues and education.

Although the applications may vary, one thing remains the same: the desire to have the best possible sound reproduction.

An outstanding space deserves premium quality audio. Genelec installation speakers are not just powerful, accurate, compact, and beautifully designed, they are also extremely easy to install and will provide decades of reliable service.

“As a company, we feel that it’s very important to put the right products into the right place. In other words, quality first. Genelec’s philosophy perfectly matches our own in that regard – they are a high end, aspirational brand that we are very proud to represent in the UK. Genelec fits wonderfully into the work we are doing in the corporate world and we see many further opportunities in hospitality, higher education and more.” – Audiologic