Quality of Sound is Quality of Life.

Back in 1990, K-array was formed in Italy to offer unique design solutions. While working in theatres, cinemas and town squares, the founders realised that professional audio equipment could evolve to facilitate the difficulties facing those operating events and music production. Above all, they could reduce the high costs associated with loading, unloading and transporting heavy PA systems.

This could be done by creating slim and ultra-compact loudspeakers capable of reproducing sound performance of the highest quality. Since then, K-array has constantly invested in the development of innovative technologies and in the creation of unprecedented solutions, going ever further in the search for a revolutionary design that never compromises sound quality.

“We have found K-array speakers work well in difficult acoustic environments; they also have applications where aesthetics is a major consideration with their RAL colour-matching system. K-array bring a unique audio solution that has almost unique appeal to our customer base, backed up by their reputation for quality and performance.” – Audiologic