An Unpredictable World Needs Predictable Solutions.

Konftel started in 1988 from simple beginnings. A bank manager in Umeå, northern Sweden, was unhappy with the sound quality of the speakerphone in the conference room and so he contacted electrical consultant Peter Renkel. Could he design something better? The task was a real challenge. At this time, there were no dedicated conference telephones on the market. Peter and his childhood friend John-Erik Eriksson therefore decided to build their own and so Konftel was established.

Today Konftel is a pioneer in conference calls. They have been helping companies and organisations around the world to meet ‘at a distance’ since their launch in 1988.

Konftel conferencing solutions deliver superb audio and video quality for effective and eco-friendly collaboration.

“We are confident that Konftel, with its superior expertise in video conferencing, will accelerate our expansion in the UK. We look forward to continuing our highly successful close working relationship with Konftel. There is more of a demand for collaboration now than ever and we are poised for further growth in this market.” – Audiologic