Lab Gruppen

Amplify This!

Early 1979 and Kenneth Anderson and Dan Bavholm first met as schoolboys in Kungsbacka, Sweden. They both had a passion for electronics and would spend time honing their skills by scavenging old radio and TV sets and learning from library books. Despite not having had any experience with audio or music, their friends introduced them to local musicians eagerly looking for quality equipment at a low cost. The result? A hand-made mixing console – musical, durable, and costing less than any mass-produced models of the day.

Over the past four decades, Lab Gruppen has repeatedly redefined the professional amplification market with new innovations and technological firsts. And they continue to set new industry benchmarks for sustained high output, impeccable sonic performance, configuration flexibility, and lower overall installation and real-world running costs.


“We are delighted to distribute Lab Gruppen, one of the audio industry’s most innovative companies. Our focus on the commercial installation and pro audio markets sees us ideally positioned to further the success of Lab Gruppen in the UK.” – Audiologic