Because Music Matters.

Marantz is a high-end audio manufacturer, now located in Japan. In 2013, it celebrated its 60th anniversary, and the story behind the founding of one of today’s best-known Hi-Fi and home cinema companies is a familiar one. Saul B Marantz – music lover, amateur musician, and photographer – started making Hi-Fi products in the early 1950s simply because he was sure he could do it better.

This great philosophy continues today. And more. Today, when a Marantz engineer either in Japan or Europe, auditions a transformer or a DAC, for example, they are not interested whether it is good or bad, only how it performs with other components. This is a critical point of difference in Marantz’s design and development process.

Even more important, every time Marantz work on a product, the quality is measured by referencing a piece of music that is known in minute detail sonically and perceptually from its original source. Marantz is proud of this tradition and recognises that the true test of its commitment will be judged by every customer who places trust in the company.

“Marantz is proud of its legacy, few companies in the high-end audio and home entertainment industry can boast of that longevity or of the tradition of high quality that drives the company today. We are undeniably proud to distribute their products to our customers across the UK.” – Audiologic