The Home of Precision Sound.

NEXO has been developing ground-breaking sound reinforcement solutions from its headquarters in Paris since 1979. The company’s pioneering technology, innovative designs and sonic excellence has enhanced live events across the world for decades, gaining the respect and trust of sound professionals everywhere.

With the application of advanced and inspired design, NEXO seeks not only to enhance the audience experience through the development of increasingly more transparent and consistently controllable sound systems, but also to serve the wider audience through the improved directivity of its speaker systems.

NEXO is deeply focussed on serving the environment, through the adoption of more sustainable and less polluting processes during manufacture, and through the development of sound systems that are ever more compact, easier to transport and less demanding to set up.

“We help guide our customers by identifying which AV equipment offers the best solution for them. Nexo is often one of these solutions because it offers high-quality systems that are easy to use with great sonic results that will dramatically improve performance quality in live sound productions.” – Audiologic