RF Venue

Performance. Value. Support.

RF Venue began in America by developing a range of products within the commercial sound equipment industry to reduce signal dropouts and interference for all brands of wireless audio equipment.

After an initial period of R&D, beta testing, and market research, in 2011 the company began marketing a range of patented wireless products that fall into three categories: antennas, distribution, and software (visualising the RF spectrum using a combination of hardware and software).

In 2015, RF Venue reached an agreement for exclusive distribution in the EMEA region with Shure Europe.

In 2017, the company launched WaveTower, a patented connected-hardware platform that enables all new capabilities through remote monitoring and management of RF spectrum activity over the web.

By applying new technology to old problems, repurposing established know-how to solve new problems, and questioning stubborn beliefs, RF Venue brings to wireless audio a perspective that is fresh, inventive, and effective.

“The performance, value and support we receive from RF Venue is really important to both us and to our customers. RF Venue is an important part of our brand portfolio and we are loyal supporters. RF Venue challenges the status quo, and our partnership with them delivers on every level.” – Audiologic