Versatility, Reliability and Performance.

In the US, Samson Technologies began designing wireless microphone systems back in 1980. Today, they are an industry leader in professional audio with two notable brands: Samson Audio and Samson Wireless.

In the early ’90s, they began to expand the portfolio of their audio products through the development of power amplifiers, mixers, wired microphones and signal processors. In 2005, Samson introduced the first professional USB microphones to be used by musicians, broadcasters, and podcast enthusiasts. Their USB microphones are now the industry standard.

Over three decades, Samson has grown from a small two-person operation to a worldwide enterprise, dedicated to innovating new products that will enhance the lives of music and broadcast professionals everywhere.

“We share in a common belief that high-quality sound makes life better, and a mission to offer the best audio equipment available in order to be able to do this. Samson have a long and distinguished history, a real passion for what they do, and we are proud to work alongside them in the UK market.” – Audiologic