With a history of innovation that began in 1925, Shure has turned a passion for making great microphones and audio electronics into an obsession. Shure continues to remain one of the major global players setting the benchmark for manufacturers in producing superior, reliable products.

For over forty years and still counting, the SM58 has been an incredibly popular vocal microphone across the world, revered for its natural sound and famed durability. A true legend.

You sing it. You say it. You play it. We’ll help you amplify or record it.

Shure stands for much more than premium quality products and remains passionate about enabling performances that will engage and inspire audiences; performances that shape history.

Using Shure products will always guarantee to deliver a great audio experience – because that is the true measure of a legendary performance.

“As a solution provider, working with a manufacturer like Shure is business-crucial, with the positive feedback we receive always speaking for itself. We firmly believe that our cooperation with Shure will allow us to go even further in terms of focusing on and supporting our customer-centric strategy and growth across the UK.” – Audiologic


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