Making Sense of Sound.

For nearly thirty years Trantec have specialised in producing high quality wireless microphones, beltpacks and in-ear monitors in the UK.

A wide product range, as well as versatile accessories, ensures that it is possible to meet the most challenging audio demands, within the broadcast, film, music, school, house of worship and theatre industries.

Now owned by TOA, Trantec continues to advance by investing in research and development to ensure that the product range maintains its innovative, market leading position.

The introduction of Trantec has completed the TOA line up to allow integration into a wide and varied market sector that makes (sometimes) challenging demands within professional audio, broadcast, film, music, and theatre.

“Trantec is synonymous with high quality, reliability and exceptional performance. They are part of TOA who are a solutions-led, value-added manufacturer. We believe they are an ideal partner to help us take advantage of a great number of opportunities that exist in the UK.” – Audiologic