Software-based Dante™ for the QSC Q-SYS Ecosystem

The Q-SYS Ecosystem now provides software-based Dante™ network audio integration without the need for additional hardware. As part of a strategic co-development effort with Audinate, QSC leveraged the open architecture and Intel processing headroom of Q-SYS to extend its audio integration capabilities to include Dante. In keeping with the QSC commitment to software-based platform expansion, these optional software licenses will allow integrators to right-size and scale the appropriate Dante channel count into new and existing Q-SYS installations.


Simple Integration into the Q-SYS Ecosystem: Add Dante™ network audio to your Q-SYS system without network I/O cards or additional hardware. Dante integrates into the Q-SYS AV&C Ecosystem workflow, offering device discovery, synchronization, control and management for Dante audio within the Q-SYS network, alongside native Q-LAN and AES67 and other edge networks like AVB and CobraNet.

Software-based Upgrades and Scalability: The Q-SYS Ecosystem will enable networked Dante integration with a simple software update. All new Q-SYS Core 110f processors will include 8 x 8 Dante network audio channels at no extra cost, with additional tiered licensing options for higher Dante channel counts. This will reduce the need for I/O hardware customization and allow integrators to keep costs down, particularly when upgrading or expanding existing systems.

Single Network Infrastructure: Unlike many other Dante solutions, Q-SYS integrates both Dante™ audio and control data on a single switch port. Furthermore, because Q-SYS operates over standard network infrastructure, Dante data can converge with Q-SYS AV&C data, eliminating the need for complicated network bridging or combining to manage your Q-SYS and Dante connected peripherals.

Simplified License Activation: Intuitive activation methods, including online activation for connected Q-SYS Cores, allow for fast integration (offline activation method also available)