Tech Tuesdays: Advantages of IP Based Systems

In last week’s video, we talked about Soundtube’s IPD range, which uses Power over Ethernet (PoE) to amplify its speakers. This allows AV systems to be fully networked, and there are a number of benefits discussed in the video, let’s go over them!


When using networked based speakers, re-zoning speakers is as easy as reconfiguring the DSP setup. With traditional passive speakers, this would require re-cabling which is labor intensive, and sometimes even higher channel count amplifiers are required, which means growing out of equipment quickly. Soundtube’s IPD range is cabled back over Cat5+ individually to a network switch, meaning each speaker can act as an individual zone or be one of many! The IPD-4 range even supports two independent audio channels from the master – a single network feed for two zones over four speakers!


Especially when using an extensive IT network, adding IP based speakers to a system is incredibly easy – just add cables and speakers! When using Soundtube with a DSP such as QSC, you can even use AES67 instead of Dante if you are close to your maximum channel count. If you don’t have enough PoE budget on your network switch, the Soundtube speakers will run off an external power supply, still getting audio over the network, but pulling power from the mains.


Even with a modern networked solution, monitoring stops with a networked amplifier. With a fully networked solution including the Soundtube IPD range, monitoring can include every single step in the signal chain. Using the Soundtube API, you can use a DSP to monitor amp status, temperature, and speaker status – and even setup your system to alert you if any of this information drops out of the normal range. Targeting the exact issue on the speaker chain saves both time and money!


Opting for a fully networked solution enables integrators on site to save a lot of time: having all equipment use the same Cat5+ cables and RJ45 connections, testing built straight into the speaker GUI for signal chain, and the ability to integrate with existing infrastructure mean that installation and commissioning are more efficient with these approaches.

Soundtube offer a wide variety of PoE powered speakers, meaning there is a solution for every installation! We supply a range of IP-based systems, also including Shure’s MXN5-C and Genelec’s Smart IP range. If you want to learn more about Smart IP, you can check out our previous video Genelec: Powering Speakers Over the Network, and if you have any questions on IP based systems feel free to reach out to [email protected] or give us a call on the office line!