Tech Tuesdays: Audio over WiFi with MobileConnect

Last week for Tech Tuesdays we discussed the updated MobileConnect from Sennheiser – which allows distribution of audio over Wi-Fi using a mobile app! This is a great tool for assistive listening and translation in the modern AV system, especially given recent circumstances! Keep reading to find out more about where we see MobileConnect fitting into based on the key benefits.

Bring Your Own Device:

No learning curve here! Users simply download the MobileConnect app from the iOS or Android app store, and they can start listening, either via wired headphones, Bluetooth, or neck loop. This has a number of benefits: the user doesn’t need to use special equipment to access the audio, and it’s much more sanitary than shared equipment! Their experience is customised to them, and the end user doesn’t need to pay for maintenance on equipment or expendables. This benefits university campuses, who maintain or distribute assistive listening devices.

Up to 400 Channels Supported:

Each MobileConnect Station supports two independent audio channels, but an entire ecosystem of MobileConnect can range into the hundreds! This means large systems like corporations and universities can cater to all users no matter the demands, all with centralised monitoring.

This is a perfect solution for houses of worship with services delivered in multiple languages! The same platform that provides assistive listening can also be used for translation: attendees download the app using their phone and tune into their selected language easily, making sure that everyone has the same experience.

Simple Installation:

It’s not always possible to install products on the wall, run cables in the wall, and tear up carpets! MobileConnect accepts either an analogue or Dante input, PoE, and a network connection to distribute audio. This is ideal for listed buildings that have pre-existing network infrastructure, situations where AV isn’t consulted in initial stages, systems that are going through upgrades without giving access, or projects on a time crunch! Even if you don’t have a problematic installation, the simple installation process for MobileConnect saves time and money for all parties.

Unique Privacy Options:

When using networks and Wi-Fi, privacy can be an important factor! Channels can be set up to be protected by QR codes, but Sennheiser has gone a step further by integrating an API to allow regeneration of the QR code on command. We see this partnering well with a control system, like QSC, to regenerate the code on a schedule or after meetings.

MobileConnect is an amazing technology brought to market from Sennheiser, suitable for all types of installations! Its unique feature set allows it to fit into a lot of challenging spaces, but its user-friendly interface means it is desirable in any project, whether updating or expanding accessibility. If you have any questions on MobileConnect or assistive listening, drop us a line at [email protected] or give us a call on the office line!