Tech Tuesdays: New Ecler ARQISi Updates

Ecler have recently announced an update to their well-known and loved ARQISi loudspeaker range, introducing the new ARQISi! The Application Team here at Audiologic are huge fans of the original ARQIS series so we’re excited to see the updates to and expansion of these speakers. There are some great new features to this range – so let’s take a look at them and see how to incorporate these versatile speakers into any application.

The updates start with the included bracketry on the 105i, 106i and 108i – these are now VESA compatible, increasing their suitability for all installations – no matter the challenge. The aesthetics and logos have also been updated on all models, with the logo being rotatable to match the orientation of the speaker with a new sleeker appearance.

The ARQIS110i and 112i have also been given a refresh: their power has been further increased, allowing them to suit even the most demanding of applications. Ecler have also added a new subwoofer to balance the range, the ARQISSB12i. In our opinion, the most exciting of these updates is the inclusion of custom EQ tunings for EclerNet Manager, allowing any Ecler DSP installation to make the most of the system. These EQ settings will allow ARQISi systems to have optimized settings and crossovers for their speakers – saving time onsite and improving audio experience.

Let’s have a look at some common applications that we often specify these loudspeakers:


The ARQISi range have an appealing price but don’t skimp on performance – these are great options for applications that demand performance and reliability whilst remaining cost conscious. Whether a classroom or a sports hall, there is an ARQISi model that will suit.

Surround Sound:

We’re seeing an increase in demand for surround sound systems in various applications outside of the world of cinema. By using various models within the range, we can build a comprehensive surround system for a multitude of room types.

Foreground and background music:

The versatility of these loudspeakers allows them to adapt to any application. The ARQIS208i, a twin 8” cabinet, is one of the standout products from the range and packs a huge punch. Or there is the ARQIS106i, a great all-rounder and with enough low-end for full-range performance at all levels.

If you’d like to learn more about the ARQISi range, feel free to check them out on our brand new website or get in touch with the team!