Tech Tuesdays - Shure SLX-D: First Look

In our last Tech Tuesdays video, we introduced the SLX-D by Shure. This week, we take a more detailed look at the cost-effective SLX-D and the industry sectors it would fit well, from Higher Education to Events as well as Corporate Installations.

Shure SLX-D

The Shure SLX-D delivers transparent, 24-bit digital audio and rock solid RF performance with easy setup and rechargeability options in a suite of versatile wireless system configurations. Featuring single half-rack and dual full-rack receiver options, handheld and bodypack transmitters and a wide selection of vocal, lavalier, headset and instrument microphone system configurations. Compatible with Shure UHF wireless antenna distribution and remote antenna accessories. Suitable for a wide range of applications from lecture hall, to houses of worship and commercial installations.

Higher Education

The “D” in SLX-D is for 'digital' – and the benefits of this for higher education are pretty significant. Besides the advantages of digital transmission reliability, they will also use a fixed bandwidth in the frequency spectrum, meaning that planning frequencies for large campuses is simple and straightforward. You can easily plan to use many channels in rooms next to each other while being mindful of building structures, whereas the unpredictable nature of FM analogue systems means more bandwidth is required for them. The ease of planning means that you can more efficiently allocate licences for a campus as well. With monitoring of battery levels via the networked receivers, the AV team can easily check status at the end of the day to make sure batteries are on charge (with dedicated SLX-D batteries & chargers – another advantage for this sector) to be ready for the next day's lectures. Analogue outputs on the receivers mean that you can still have standalone room systems but keep the key functionality of monitoring.


With Shure SLX-D’s support for Wireless Workbench, it is extremely easy to frequency plan and manage for any size event. The locking feature also prevents any accidental tampering with frequencies or powering off of transmitters, so is very easy to hand to presenters without fear of sudden changes. The audio quality that the digital system provides (up to 120dB of dynamic range, with 24-bit depth!) also makes these microphones indistinguishable from their wired counterparts with the added convenience of wireless. This makes the system well suited to any recorded events.

Corporate installations

In addition to all of the above features, installations specifically benefit from the dual receiver option from SLX-D. Using just one UA44+ antenna distribution unit, you can use a single pair of antennas to distribute signal to up to 10 microphone channels using the dual SLX-D receivers. This saves cable and antenna costs and rack space, and ease of installation is greatly increased due to remote antenna locations.

Feature packed, physically and technically robust, and still maintaining a great costpoint, Shure SLX-D can find a home in just about any application. For more information on this and and other Shure wireless systems, please get in touch.