Case Study

Jones AV Launches Revolutionary Audio Technology to Enhance Sustainability in Integrated Operating Rooms

Award-winning Jones AV, leading provider of advanced integrated theatre and medical training facilities in Europe has launched game-changing revolutionary technology to turbocharge the environmental sustainability of integrated operating rooms.

As part of the development of the new ‘Integrated Operating Theatre of Things’ (ITOT), Jones AV looked to revolutionise Operating Room AV set-ups to overcome audio limitations, harness smart power management, reduce the number of devices via a fully digital signal chain, and scale down travel with full remote control aiming to meet Net Zero 2045 targets within the NHS.

The company installed the first ITOT system at the Cambridge Surgical Training Centre in September 2023,, unveiling its ground-breaking solution after 18 months of intensive research and development incorporating a demo operating theatre. The system is optimised to deliver superior technological performance while reducing energy consumption to less than 75% of comparable systems.

One of the main challenges in operating theatres is audio interference, particularly from electrosurgical devices such as surgical knives. Jones AV sought a digital solution that would offer superior audio quality, reduced power consumption, and remote serviceability. Producing consistent and good quality audio in training environments, without the requirement for personal microphones, which can be challenging in a sterile area, was a key objective, allowing for better legibility for lectures and recordings of teaching materials.

Ingo Aicher, Managing Director at Jones AV explains: “We continually struggled with audio routing limitations as part of video over IP systems, as they do not allow for true matrix routing when multiple participants or platforms are involved. We were specifically looking for a future-proof audio solution that would give all the advantages of digital with the added bonus on POE for delivering audio, power and control data via a single wire.”

Collaborating with RH consultants for the systems design and Audiologic and Sennheiser for equipment supply and advice, a demo operating theatre was established. Under the guidance of Audiologic Business Manager Jess Raraty, and Sennheiser, a system incorporating state of the art technology including a Q-SYS Core Nano AV&C processor, Sennheiser Team Connect Ceiling Mic II, Genelec 4420AWM Smart IP speakers and Audinate ADP USB AU and Dante Bluetooth module was put together for the new Demo Theatre.

Aicher added: “Audiologic has been brilliant from the outset of the project. We received support with all things technical, opening up lines to manufacturers technicians and support teams. Jess made sure we received the development kit quickly to start programming and get to grips with the Q-SYS and Genelec equipment. Audiologic worked with Sennheiser to get us their Speechline equipment for an extended period to set up a test environment in the office so we could test and simulate the whole setup.”

The resulting demo room trials yielded positive results, demonstrating no interference, advanced audio routing capabilities, superior manipulation, end-to-end digital high quality and successful remote access to administer and control all devices in the signal chain. The system was then deployed at the Cambridge Surgical Training Centre, where it received praise for its ease of use and exceptional audiovisual performance.

Aicher comments: “The quality, the audio options, the microphone administration, configuration and the full end to end management options were truly mind blowing, we had simply awesome results, which we couldn’t wait to get this fully integrated into a multiroom system.”

Jones AV's transition to digital audio not only enhances the audio experience but also contributes to significant energy savings. Failsafe operations are a must in the environment and the electrical supply has to conform to medical regulations. By implementing smart power management solutions they aim to reduce electricity costs and lower CO2 emissions.

Donna Langley, Surgical Centre Technical Manager at Cambridge Surgical Training Centre, commended Jones AV for their exceptional system and support, highlighting its ease of operation and reliability and support. “Training for the system was slick, clear and within hours we were able to easily operate the system and in literally minutes had everything up and running to beam demos for our courses around our centre. Ongoing support is quick and simple”

Aicher expressed satisfaction with the transition to digital audio, emphasising the system's improved audio quality, ease of installation, and remote control capabilities, concluding: “This step to Dante and fully digital audio has allowed us to reduce components in the signal chain, keep things interference free and improve the audio experience all round. From ease of install, to the capabilities and the sound quality and usability for the client to the detail of remote audio control options, it has been a major success.”

Overall, Jones AV's commitment to innovation and sustainability underscores their dedication to delivering cutting-edge solutions that meet the evolving needs of healthcare facilities. With the system now in the UK and Norway, the company has received around 60 more orders with operations to be deployed over the next 18 months. The company’s commitment to innovation and sustainability was recently recognised when the ITOT system scooped the 2024 Healthcare Award for Innovation at the prestigious Inavation Awards in Barcelona.