Audio Essentials for Schools

Today, we will be looking at a couple of essential products recommended by our Applications team that are perfect for academic applications.

There is an increasing demand for great quality audio systems in learning environments. From school halls to Paging systems, we have a large portfolio of products that offer the perfect solution to these spaces without breaking the bank.

There are many challenging factors to consider when designing a system for a school. Amongst these is how user friendly the system is. These rooms are typically multipurpose spaces so, you want the system to be adaptable to a variety of scenarios whilst still being intuitive for the user. Our options listed below offer fixed architecture programming with user friendly interfaces, along with robust microphone and speaker systems, making them perfectly suited not only for school installations but anywhere that reliability is key.

The MIMO88 is a fully programable 8x8 digital matrix from Ecler. This versatile product is perfect for school paging systems or simply as a mixer in a school hall. It has plenty of inputs for school productions and can be paired with a secondary unit to increase your channel count even further. This product has excellent on-board DSP and a frequency shifter to avoid acoustic feedback typical in large, reflective hall spaces.

The MIMO4040CDN is another addition from the MIMO series of Ecler mixers. This unit shares a lot of the same features as the MIMO88, with the inclusion of Audio over IP technology using Dante and AES67. This feature makes the product ideal for if you are looking to move over to an IP based paging system.

The PAGENETDN is a programmable Paging Station paired with the MIMO4040DN devices. It features both Dante and Analogue outputs meaning it can be paired with the Dante and non-Dante versions of the MIMO’s. This device shares the same controls as the WPNETTOUCH making it all-in-one solution for both Paging and Control.

The EW 100 G4-835-S is a staple in a school hall environment as they are easy to use and offer great sound for presentations and productions. This rugged and reliable system features their renowned MMD 835 microphone capsule which is ideal for most on-stage applications.

The EW-D ME2 is a great choice if you are looking for something more scalable. This is a digital system which is capable of managing higher channel counts making it ideal for much larger systems. This system features their ME2 lapel microphone which offers high speech intelligibility making it suited for every day, on-stage use.

One of our go-to speaker solutions in school applications is the Ecler ARQIS106i. This is a stylish, 2-way, full range speaker from Eclers’ ARQISi range. This compact yet powerful speaker offers great sound performance and an unobtrusive design which is well suited for a variety of school scenarios.

The Ecler eLPA2-650 is a low impedance, stereo amplifier, and a top choice amongst our applications team as they pair perfectly with the ARQISi loudspeakers. With a built-in anti-clip circuit, they are robust and reliable which is an essential feature in any school installation.