Audiologic Announces Distribution of Netvio's Cutting-Edge Audio-Video Solutions

Audiologic is proud to announce a strategic partnership with Netvio, a leading developer and manufacturer of audio-video hardware and software solutions. As part of this collaboration, Audiologic will serve as the distributor of Netvio's groundbreaking solutions, expanding its portfolio of high-quality products and services to meet the growing demands of the professional audio industry.

Netvio: Pioneering AV Innovation for Professionals

Netvio's cutting-edge solutions are renowned for their exceptional quality, versatility, and advanced technology. Their specialised range of HDMI, HDBaseT, and AVoIP hardware provides comprehensive end-to-end solutions that encompass video, networking, software, and control. The H2, HT2, and JP4 series software products come with the latest configuration user interface, ensuring an optimal experience for installers, thereby achieving peak product performance. Inclusive, licence-free control applications allow for the seamless control of audio, video, displays, media sources, and third party integration products, utilising the latest in user-interface design principles and familiar smart devices.

In addressing the niche demands of the middle-market, Netvio's end-to-end solutions take up the strain, once systems become too much for individual remote device control. However, they do so without necessitating the full functionality, cost, or complexity associated with a comprehensive control system with automation.

This partnership with Audiologic will allow both companies to provide customers with an unmatched range of audio-video solutions, tailored to meet the needs of various industries, including corporate, education, entertainment, and beyond.

"We are thrilled to be partnering with Audiologic to bring our state-of-the-art technology to a wider audience," said Derek Hulbert, Managing Director at Netvio. "Audiologic's reputation for excellence in the audio industry and their commitment to delivering top-notch solutions align perfectly with our mission to transform the experience for professionals and enthusiasts alike. Together, we will set a new standard for audio-video excellence."

Audiologic Managing Director, Andy Lewis, expressed his excitement about the partnership: "Netvio has consistently pushed the boundaries of what is possible in AV technology, and we are delighted to become their distributor. This partnership reflects our dedication to providing our customers with the best solutions available. With Netvio's innovative products and our extensive industry knowledge, we look forward to empowering our clients to achieve remarkable experiences, without the requirement for a comprehensive automated control system ."

Audiologic's extensive distribution network, technical expertise, and commitment to customer satisfaction will ensure that Netvio's audio-video solutions are readily available and fully supported across various regions. Together, the two companies will work to create unique opportunities for customers to explore and integrate Netvio's cutting-edge solutions into their projects. This partnership marks a significant milestone for both Audiologic and Netvio, as they jointly strive to elevate the AV experience for professionals and enthusiasts around the world.