Convey Video: Real-time captioning & translation

Williams AV is our go-to brand for all things assistive listening. From their reliable, modern, infrared systems to user-friendly and feature rich tour-guide systems, the Williams AV range covers a wide variety of applications. Their latest addition is Convey Video: a hardware unit that provides real-time open captioning and translation in over 100 languages!

This unit is a great option for facilities that demand accurate translation or interpretation for a broadcast, livestream, webinar, or anything with audio and video. It is not always possible to have these services performed by a dedicated member of staff, making Convey Video an asset for many. Convey Video also has the flexibility that modern services demand: supporting over 100 languages means that providers can give clients a solution that will undoubtedly work for them.

In addition to this, being powered by Google’s AI technology means that Convey Video stores all meetings in a server, including audio and video. The system also supports concurrent captions and translation on a single output. Together, these make Convey Video the best companion for any live stream, broadcast, presentation, or lecture system.

The unit is incredibly easy to operate and interface with: it accepts audio directly through either USB (from a mixer, or USB microphone) or through the HDMI inputs. The HDMI output is a copy of the video input, with the captioned or translated text overlayed.

We see Convey Video as especially useful for multipurpose spaces. The flexibility with caption and translation means that the unit covers any language combination that an event requires. Distance and hybrid learning can also benefit from these features. While many systems have upgraded audio systems, limited bandwidth in codecs can still limit intelligibility, making captioning a vital resource for many. If you are using a control system, you can remotely control all settings, especially including the language outputs via RS232, so any changes are simple to implement.

With real time captioning, users will not miss any content and audiences will become more engaged when they are included directly. Convey Video is the optimal solution for inclusivity: whether providing assistive listening with captioning or translation services, this is a user-friendly and reliable solution.

If you would like to learn more about Convey Video, assistive listening, or anything else, drop us an email or give the office a call!