Hybrid Teaching Spaces

Hybrid teaching spaces are an ever-growing demand within education and at the heart of each of these deployments is a host of AV equipment.

Whether it be beam-forming array microphones for handsfree and effortless presenting and lecture capture or the latest PTZ cameras from QSC to be utilised for camera tracking, the Application Team are on hand to assist with designing your spaces.

Today, we take a look at a few key products within our portfolio that are tailored towards hybrid teaching.

The MXA910 is one of our staple products for use in lecture theatre and classroom environments for the handsfree hybrid learning experience. From its exceptional coverage and pickup to how to tune the on-board DSP, we can ensure the best performance and integration for every education scenario.

The MXWAPT is an 8-channel wireless access point compatible with Microflex Wireless microphone family of systems. This can be a perfect license free interface for several microphone styles in the classroom that are easily integrated into Dante DSP's.

The ECLER DAM614 is one of our most popular products here at Audiologic, primarily for education establishments. Being a fully programmable digital audio mixer with RS-232 control, it allows enough flexibility of inputs and outputs to handle most situations and all without a high-end budget.

The MXW1 is a hybrid bodypack transmitter compatible with MicroFlex Wireless license free family of systems. Coupled with your favorite lavalier microphone, this is one of the top choices in the education environment for lecturers and teachers alike with its long battery life and simple ease of use.

The ARQIS208i speakers are a full range, 2-way point source speaker and are commonly used in school halls and learning environments. They pack a fantastic punch and are one of our favourites here at Audiologic.

The small but perfectly formed QSC Core Nano can be a powerful addition to all hybrid teaching spaces. With a small form factor and flexible networked channel count, it is more than capable of handling modern lecture theatre demands. Along with the Reflect remote monitoring and management platform, it is becoming a market leader in higher education.

An ideal option for larger school halls and multi-use spaces is the ARQIS108i. A perfect partner to the ARQIS208i's when needing a delayed pair to improve consistency throughout larger spaces, or as a main set in their own right.

The brand-new Q-SYS NC-12x80 PTZ IP camera from QSC improves performance beyond the existing PTZ range. Perfect for camera tracking, video conferencing and lecture capture scenarios. There is also a 20x60 for when further zoom is required.

The ECLER eMOTUS5PB loudspeaker kit is a perfect example of a small, powered point source setup ideally suited for small classrooms. Giving a lot of flexibility with wired and wireless inputs and is supplied with a handy remote control for ease of use.

Sennheiser's TCC2 ceiling microphone array with beamforming technology is also another excellent solution for lecture theatres and classrooms. Now, with the addition of TruVoicelift and advanced zone control with the latest firmware update, this ceiling mounted mic array is perfect for hybrid teaching. Pair this with Q-SYS to make use of the automatic camera preset recall plug-in for incredibly straightforward camera tracking deployments.