QSC Launches First Network Microphone and Loudspeakers Native to Q-SYS

New products enhance collaboration solutions powered by Q-SYS OS

QSC announces the NM Series tabletop network microphone and the NL Series network loudspeakers for the Q-SYS cloud-manageable audio, video and control platform. Powered by the Q-SYS OS, these new products join the recently introduced Q-SYS NC Series conference cameras and Q-SYS TSC Series Gen 3 network touch screen controllers to provide a complete suite of native IP-based Q-SYS collaboration products for designers, consultants, integrators and IT end users.

Q-SYS NM Series network microphones The Q-SYS NM Series NM-T1 is a tabletop PoE network microphone that features advanced beamforming technology with four software-configurable zones and up to 360° coverage, allowing designers to minimize noise and refine intelligibility for optimal collaboration experiences. The NM-T1 enables users to easily manage meetings with a fully programmable RGB LED light ring for visual indication of microphone mute state. For touchless operation, it includes an integrated proximity sensor that is activated with a simple hand wave over the microphone.

All processing on the NM-T1 is centralized on the Q-SYS Core processor, providing processing flexibility and headroom for additional field-deployable microphone enhancements via software now and into the future. For example, the new Q-SYS Collaboration Bundle scaling licenses for the Q-SYS Core Nano or Core 8 Flex enables users to scale up and scale out their Q-SYS installation unlocking processing resources to allow for additional NM-T1 microphones and/or other software-based features.

Q-SYS NL Series network loudspeakers The NL Series loudspeakers for Q-SYS offer three enclosure types, all delivering optimal speech and music reproduction to any modern collaboration space. As the first QSC soundbar, the Q-SYS NL-SB42 is a 4-inch, two-way network PoE soundbar optimized for front-of-room audio in either horizontal or vertical orientations. The Q-SYS NL-P4 is a 4-inch full-range pendant-mount PoE network loudspeaker to accommodate open-ceiling installations, and the Q-SYS NL-C4 is a 4-inch ceiling-mount PoE network loudspeaker for blind-mount finished ceiling applications.

The NL Series models feature sleek, elegant designs with complimentary sonic characteristics making it possible for users to mix-and-match form factors to fit the unique needs of any space. In addition, integrators can utilize QSC’s Intrinsic Correction™ to simplify the tuning process using built-in custom QSC loudspeaker voicings delivered by Q-SYS. All NL Series models are PoE and PoE+ capable, delivering audio data, power and control over a single network connection, greatly reducing traditional cabling infrastructure costs and complexity while expediting deployment.

Q-SYS Call Sync As native Q-SYS Products designed to work seamlessly together, the NM Series microphone, NL Series soundbar and TSC Series Gen 3 touch screen controllers benefit from the new Q-SYS Call Sync technology. This automatically syncs mute state, call controls and LED status indicators across compatible Q-SYS Products, major UC platforms and calling systems (VoIP/POTS) enabling a simplified collaboration experience without the need for complicated programming. Q-SYS Call Sync will be available in the upcoming Q-SYS Designer Software v9.5.

“These introductions continue the expansion of the Q-SYS portfolio towards more IT-friendly solutions that deliver a true end-to-end IP based Q-SYS system for virtually any dynamic collaboration space,” says Josh Arnold, Senior Product Manager, QSC. “The idea was to deliver flexibility and simplicity for integrators and end users alike, while leveraging the unique software-based power of the Q-SYS OS to drive a truly unique approach to the collaboration space and allow system flexibility as room needs change and evolve.”