UC Expo 2021: An Audiologic Guide

UC Expo 2021 will be the largest gathering of UK UC professionals in 2021. After a year and a half of online demos and webinars, manufacturers are keen to show off their latest and greatest in front of a live audience. Our Sales team will be at the show, happy to walk you through the latest technology available from our suppliers. Four Audiologic manufacturers will be exhibiting at the show, with their latest solutions. Get in contact today to see how the solutions fit your needs.


Stand: Q32

QSC's Q-SYS Ecosystem keeps evolving, creating even more solutions for high value collaboration spaces. With certifications from Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and Google Meets, the ecosystem is perfectly suited for your Audio, Video and Control needs. The expansion of their core range to include 3 smaller core processors; Core Nano, Core 8Flex, NV-32 (Core Capable), allows the Q-SYS Ecosystem to fit in a wider range of applications. Find out more about the latest solutions in the Q-SYS Ecosystem by visiting their stand.


Stand: R10

Shure have continued to evolve their UC offering over the years. With the addition of the MXA710 and the IntelliMix Room software to the MXA ecosystem, the integration offering has expanded to cover a large array of professional spaces. With the acquisition of STEM Audio and the creation of the STEM Ecosystem, the line up from Shure has expanded to an even larger offering, for all sizes and budgets. Find out more about the MXA710 and the STEM Ecosystem by visiting their stand.


Stand: Q54

Yamaha has made a strong entrance into the UC space with their acquisition of Revolabs a few years back. This gave the company a strong foundation for developing more products. This became evident with the launch of the ADECIA System. Yamaha have released a system covering all aspects for the signal chain, from capture to reproduction, with a powerful DSP at the centre of it all. With certifications from the main UC providers and continuous work to expand their range of solutions, Yamaha's stand is one to watch.


Stand: T20

Sennheiser is a staple in the audio market, from their professional audio to their corporate offering. No wonder the TeamConnect Ceiling 2 microphone has been such a success. In addition to great audio quality, Sennheiser has collaborated with QSC to deliver a seamless camera tracking experience using their ceiling microphone and QSC's Q-SYS Ecosystem. Visit the Sennheiser stand to find out more about the TCC2 Microphone and their wider range of solutions.