Ceiling Subwoofer (Black, Single)


The QSC AD-C.SUB is part of the AcousticDesign™ Series SUB/SAT loudspeaker line which are ideally suited for background music applications that require refined depth and clarity even at lower volume settings.

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Key features

  1. Dual voice-coil for improved thermal dissipation and higher output
  2. Low saturation and low-loss 70 / 100 V transformers with 4 Ω bypass
  3. 4x built-in high-pass filtered outputs
  4. Snap-fit magnetic grills
  5. Locking 4-pole Euroblock connectors
  6. Removable conduit cover plate
  7. 4x double stepped, long travel dog-ear blind mount system
  8. Intrinsic Correction™ voicings available via MP-M Series mixers and Q-SYS Platform, including the CXD-Q Series amplifiers
  9. Available in black (RAL 9011) or white (RAL 9010)
  10. UL1480 and UL2043 certified

What we say

QSC offers SUB/SAT systems in a range of formats, including surface mount, Ceiling and Pendant. With identical sonic characteristics, this series is interchangeable between each enclosure type making them ideal for venues with inconsistent architecture. These systems are a great way to discretely provide full range audio in spaces where aesthetics is paramount. Even at low volumes, these speakers can produce a crystal-clear performance which can be suitable for more atmospheric environments.

Anna ShahinApplication Support Engineer, Audiologic