Column Loudspeaker (White)


Measuring 150mm wide x 215mm deep x the standard 1m high (39.0″ x 5.9″ x 8.5″) and weighing 15kg (33lbs), the ID84 uses eight 4 inch drivers and an array of dome tweeters on a curved baffle in a light-weight aluminium cabinet with a rigid steel spine. The choice of dome tweeters over a conventional HF compression driver results in particularly low levels of distortion and contributes to a ‘hi-fi’ performance that extends the ID84’s suitability well beyond the traditional column speaker role of voice reproduction into music applications. The ID84 achieves a frequency range of 90Hz to 20kHz with a peak SPL of 136dB. The unique directivity switch on the rear panel enables instant switching of vertical HF dispersion, and cabinets can be linked ‘end-to-end’ to create longer columns. Multiple rigging options and a comprehensive range of accessories make it easy to deploy the ID84 in a wide range of fixed installations and mobile applications. Also available in black, white and custom RAL colours, the hybrid TIS version (ID84-TIS) features the Speakon connectivity of the touring version with the cloth covered grille of the installation version.

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Key features

  1. Compact, high-powered column speaker
  2. 8 x 4 inch LF drivers + 8 x dome HF drivers in patent-pending arrangement
  3. 135 dB peak SPL
  4. Switchable +0°/-10° (Narrow Mode) or +0°/-25° (Wide Mode) vertical HF dispersion
  5. TIS version with cloth covered grille and Speakon connectivity
  6. Black, white and custom RAL colours