Ecler eMPAGE

Digital Paging Station


Ecler eMPAGE is a desktop paging station compatible with ECLER HUB digital audio zoner (also compatible with MIMO88, MIMO88SG and MIMO1212SG matrixes). With its buttons, LED indicators, electronic ink technology zone name display and gooseneck microphone, it is possible to select the destination zones for voice messages, find out if these zones are already controlled elsewhere, capture the voice message and send it in real time to the destination zones.

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Key features

  1. 20 mechanical keys with integrated LED status indicator (paging zone selection management)
  2. 1 mechanical key with adjacent LED indicator (message activation, PAGE key)
  3. Electronic ink display (shows paging zone names)
  4. Gooseneck microphone, with standard XLR connector
  5. Management of up to 16 paging zones
  6. RJ45 connector for single CAT5 or higher cabling (point-to-point), including power, audio output signal (picked up by the microphone) and digital control bus between the HUB unit and the eMPAGE station
  7. Connector for backup power supply (optional)
  8. Two eMPAGE units, with different or equal priority levels, can work simultaneously on the same HUB zoner
  9. Programming of paging station(s) functionality from the web application embedded in the HUB: enabled paging zones, chime melodies, priorities, programmable keys, etc.