Enterprise Processor


The Q-SYS Core 5200 Enterprise processor combines Q-SYS, the professional AV industry’s first Intel® based real-time operating system purpose built for reconfigurable audio, video and control (AV&C), with the robustness of DellTM hardware and their most prolific and world renowned server platform. The Q-SYS Core 5200 is the first professional AV&C product available that illustrates the transition away from proprietary, single-use hardware devices to modern, software- based appliances leveraging the power of commercial off-the-shelf server hardware. As an extension to the existing Q-SYS Platform, the Core 5200 provides a modern, IT centric solution for companies or projects wishing to take advantage of centralized signal processing and control while leveraging modern IT network infrastructure to distribute those services project-wide.

Call for price

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Key features

  1. 512x512 Networked Audio Channels
  2. 160 AEC Processors
  3. Up to 64 VoIP Lines
  4. Leveraging Industry Standard Dell Hardware
  5. Dual Redundant, Hot Swappable PSU’s
  6. iDRAC Monitoring for integration with IT monitoring systems
  7. Onboard SSD Media Drive
  8. 3 Year Warranty