Nexo ID14-i90140

Loudspeaker, 90° x 140° HF dispersion (Black)


130mm wide, 130mm high and 120mm front to back, the ID14-I is a super-compact full range speaker employing a custom-designed coaxial driver with a 1.3″ voice coil for the 4″ LF component and a 1.4″ diaphragm for the HF motor, delivering smooth, clean sound and impressive power. The Installation version is available in black, white or custom RAL colours and features an an acoustic cloth over the front of the grille and captive 2-core cable connectivity. Thanks to their fully symmetric design, there are there are no left or right versions of the ID14, so all speakers in the inventory can be the same. To ensure maximum versatility, the ID14 can be specified with either 100° x 100° or 90° x 140° HF dispersion.

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Key features

  1. Compact, high-powered sound reinforcement speaker
  2. 116 dB peak SPL
  3. Measures just 130mm W x 130mm H x 120mm D
  4. Available in 100° x 100° and 90° x 140° HF dispersion versions
  5. IP55-rated installation version with 2-core cable connectivity
  6. Black, white and custom RAL colours