Ecler eCMP12

Musical projector


Ecler Essentials eCMP12 is a 300W high efficiency musical projector ready for outdoor applications due to its waterproof and sun screening building material (IP56). It performs an 12’’ LF driver and 1,7’’ HF coaxial driver, 300W @ 8Ω nominal power and 70/100V line transformer with 50/100/200W/8Ω power options.

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Key features

  1. Weatherproof 2-way music projector
  2. 300 W @ 8Ω
  3. Power options 100V: 50/100/200W/OFF and 8 Ω
  4. Power options 70V: 25/50/100W/OFF and 8 Ω
  5. Input & output connection via terminal block
  6. Dispersion (HxV): 80° x 80°
  7. Material: Polypropylene, aluminium (grille), hot-dipped galvanized steel (U-bracket)
  8. Weather-resistant IP56 rating