Fohhn LX-60

Passive 2-Way Speaker


The LX-60 is a passive 2-way line source speaker designed for fixed installations. It was developed to ensure top quality transmission of speech and music even in rooms with demanding acoustics. The renowned Fohhn line source speakers combine the advantages of a line array – such as directionality, even dispersion and reach – in a single compact system. The slim aluminum housing enables perfect visual integration into the room architecture.

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Key features

  1. 4 × 4" long excursion driver, 1 × 1" compression driver with Waveguide
  2. Integrated crossover with electronic high frequency protection
  3. Nominal power rating: 200 W
  4. Dispersion: 130° × 30° (H × V)
  5. SPL max.: 119 dB
  6. High feedback resistance