Ecler eHMA120

Powered Mixer


ECLER ESSENTIALS eHMA120 is a self-powered audio mixer including three MIC/LINE ST inputs, one LINE ST input and one mono output. Supports both low (4 Ω) and high impedance (70V, 100V) loudspeaker lines, with independent 2-ZONE ON/OFF switches (ZONE 1, ZONE 2). It also includes an audio priority system (voice messages, emergencies, etc.) available in 3 inputs, Pager and embedded Chime function (compatible with 1 zone paging microphones), 2 band tone control, auto stand-by mode, MUTE port and universal power supply unit, being compatible with external 24 VDC IN backup supply systems.

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Key features

  1. 1 x 95W @ 4Ω
  2. 1 x 95W @ 70V / 100V
  3. 2 x ZONE ON/OFF selection switches
  4. 1 ST LINE input
  5. 3 MIC / LINE inputs, including Talkover function (priority)
  6. 1 Pager port, including embedded Chime tone
  7. 2-band EQ (BASS/TREBLE) for Mix Output
  8. 24VDC external power supply included, with external battery backup connector
  9. Auto Stand-by function
  10. 24VDC Phantom Power (external switch)
  11. MUTE port to remotely mute the unit from an external device, via dry contact closure
  12. Rack mount kit included