DiGiCo S31-WS

S31 Digital Mixing Console


The DiGiCo S31 is a 48 channel mixing console with 31 physical faders and 3 x 10” multitouch screens. Using state-of-the-art FPGA technology, the S31 provides the same high quality audio as the legendary SD-Range. Favoured by multitudes of sound engineers all over the world, the S31 brings DiGiCo ownership within easy reach of everyone with flagship audio quality, power and flexibility all in a compact frame that will travel easily in a car. With its increased functionality and accessibility, the S31 opens even more doors to limitless mixing creativity, at an astonishing price point. The S31’s expanded work surface is as intuitive as it familiar, with three 10-inch multi-touch screens over three banks of 10 faders, giving clear visual feedback and control of 30 channels simultaneously. With 48 flex-channels, the equivalent of 16 busses and benchmark 96kHz performance, the S31 is in every sense worthy of the DiGiCo badge. Based on the same pioneering design approach as the industry-leading SD-Range, the S31 boasts the same proprietary algorithms plus a new ARM QuadCore RISC processor which runs in harmony with the FPGA core. The result is faster processing with lower power consumption, all packaged in the workflow that the industry's most respected engineers rely on.

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Key features

  1. 48 Flexi Input Channels (mono/stereo)
  2. 16 Flexi Aux / Sub-Group Busses (mono/stereo)
  3. 10 x 8 Matrix with full processing
  4. Fully assignable channel layout
  5. 24 local mic/line inputs and 12 line outputs
  6. 2 DMI slots to expand the I/O as desired
  7. Snapshots for seamlessly changing many parameters at once
  8. Offline software
  9. iPad control
  10. Compatible with the DMI-AMM for automatic mic mixing
  11. OSC control of snapshots

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Call for price

+44 (0) 1279 635 681