Scripting Engine Licence


Q-SYS Core 8 Flex, Core Nano, NV-32-H (Core Capable). Scripting Engine Software Licence, Perpetual.

Call for price

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Key features

  1. Third-Party Control Plugins/Scripts – Take advantage of a library of useful plugins and control scripts for some of the most commonly used elements of today’s modern conference room (with many more currently under development by QSC and by third-party dev
  2. Full Featured Scripting Component – Integrate anything from the simplest function to the most complex control scenario imaginable. Create custom scripts using modern, accessible scripting languages including Lua, an open-source, IT friendly programming la
  3. Visual Coding Tool – The new Block Controller component offers a drag-and-drop method for building control scripts within Q-SYS. Based on a concept originally developed by Google and MIT, this open source visual programming tool uses interlocking, graphic