Nexo L15

Subwoofer for P+ series (Black)


Measuring 550mm wide x 439mm high x 650mm deep and weighing 35Kg, the L15 sub employs a 15″ long excursion driver in Baltic birch / poplar plywood cabinet with threaded inserts for mounting accessories and an M20 stand fitting. With a frequency range of 40Hz-120Hz, and 139dB Peak SPL, The L15 is specially designed in a footprint to match the P12, making it a perfect partner in flown applications, and for use as a drum fill.

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Key features

  1. Dedicated partner sub for P12 with matching footprint
  2. Extends LF performance to 40Hz
  3. 139dB peak SPL
  4. 1 x 15" long-excusion Neodymium driver
  5. Can be deployed in standard and cardioid modes
  6. Threaded inserts on the back and on both sides for connection of mounting accessories
  7. Standard fitting M20

What we say

My personal favourite subwoofer in the Nexo lineup, the new L15 sounds absolutely incredible and can be used where you would typically require an 18" driver. Sat alongside the P+ Series or even the M6 line array, this subwoofer will hold it's own. Get in touch if you'd like a demo, you have to hear it to believe it!

Ben SpurgeonSenior Technical Manager, Audiologic