Tech Tuesdays: From Site Visit to Completion

From site visit to completion, our Applications Team are here to support your projects on any scale! Here are some of the many ways we can help:

Design Specification

From multi-zone background music, to complex boardrooms, school halls and more, our team are fluent in the brands we supply, and can help you choose the best products for any project.

Using software such as Nexo NS1, Ease Focus and Ease Address, we can also supply coverage maps to support designs and show distribution of audio in a space.

To further realise the specification a wiring schematic can also be produced to help engineers understand the complexities of the connectivity between the equipment.

Acoustic Solutions

Using Ecler Acoustics and 3D modeling technology, we can propose the ideal solution for any space. Whether a room experiences reverb on a video call, or you wish to improve clarity in a reception area, Ecler Acoustics has a solution.

Project Proposals

For large scale projects, we supply full documentation, coverage maps, and specifications for our recommended solution. In addition to the above, it goes into detail about selected products and their suitability for each project.

Commissioning & Sign Off

From QSC, Shure, Nexo and Ecler, our commissioning team can program and tune a system to satisfy the client’s requests, customising each system to best suit the end user.

No matter the scale of your project, our tech team are always here to listen and assist. Feel free to reach out on 01279 635 681 or drop us a line at [email protected]!