Hospitality Solutions

Hospitality is a vast industry that we all frequent in our day to day lives. Here at Audiologic, we believe that a good quality AV system is key to enhancing the way in which customers experience these establishments. This week, we will be taking a look at a couple of products that provide stylish solutions for these diverse spaces.

Hospitality applications do not come without their challenges. Architecturally speaking, these spaces can be rather demanding as they require good quality systems that are user friendly while still maintaining aesthetics. The products we have highlighted offer streamlined and adaptable solutions.

Ecler HUB1408

The HUB1408 is a point-to-point digital matrix by Ecler. The Hub series is very intuitive with easy configuration via a web application and even comes with predefined set ups for quick, plug & play installation. On the back of unit, you can find paging ports for use with an eMPAGE and which is ideal for Hotels and Leisure clubs which may require paging systems.

Ecler Emcontrol1

The eMCONTROL1 is a digital remote control for the HUB digital matrix series which allows you to configure source selection, volume and EQ for a given Zone. This wall panel is great for providing a dedicated, user friendly way for staff to have control over the system.

K-Array Tornado KT2

The KT2 is 2-inch Point Source speaker from K-Arrays’ Tornado series. Despite their size, they can deliver a formidable SPL and frequency response. These speakers are IP65 rated making them ideal for usage in outdoor seating areas in Bars and Restaurants or even planted around Resorts and Hotels.


The AD-P4T is one of our go-to ceiling format speakers for applications where the spaces have tall, open ceilings. This is a 4.5-Inch, two-way pendant speaker from QSC’s premium AcousticDesign™ series. With an impressive frequency response and sleek design, these pendant speakers are a perfect, modern solution background music applications.


QSC offers SUB/SAT systems in a range of formats, including surface mount, Ceiling and Pendant. With identical sonic characteristics, this series is interchangeable between each enclosure type making them ideal for venues with inconsistent architecture. These systems are a great way to discretely provide full range audio in spaces where aesthetics is paramount. Even at low volumes, these speakers can produce a crystal-clear performance which can be suitable for more atmospheric environments.

Cloud MX141M

With onboard FM tuner and Bluetooth capability for streaming from mobile devices, the MX141M is a great cost-effective, all-in-one solution for smaller establishments. One of its many useful features is the Maximum output of the device can be defined which can help protect from accidental setting changes that could damage other equipment in the system.

Cloud CX163

The Cloud CX163 is a 2 Zone mixer from Cloud. One of the handiest features about this mixer is that it has an additional, fixed-level mono output that is used as a Utility zone. This particular output is ideal for usage in areas such as toilets and foyer where you need a constant stream of background music.

LEA Amplifiers

The LEA Connect Series amplifiers are a favourite choice amongst our applications team. They are extremely versatile with selectable impedance on each channel which is ideal for systems where each Zone may have different audio demands. These amplifiers can be managed via a remote Web UI which is an intuitive way to monitor performance and attenuate settings. They even come in Dante versions which is perfect for larger, IP Based systems.

Ecler VEO-XWT44E

The VEO-XWT44E is a HDBaseT transmitter Wall plate from Ecler. This is a practical device that allows you to extend a 4K video signal up to 40m over a single Cat5 Cable. This can be combined with a projector connected to a VEO-CRT44 receiver making it the perfect solution for large scale, immersive exhibitions where you would typically have projected wall displays.

What we say...

The Hospitality sector is a large industry that is only recently recovering from its sharp decline in the last few years due to COVID. With the industry back up and running, there has been a high demand for audio systems in these spaces. Due to continuous usage, these systems need to be robust and reliable and work all the time.

Amber JonesApplication Support Engineer, Audiologic