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WhitwamAVI use Audiologic because they have a great range of products that integrate well and are backed up by responsive, professional sales and support teams.

Andrew Pymm

Whitwam AV Integration

Audiologic have an extensive range that covers every budget, but the real reason we buy from them is that their sales and technical support is second to none and the margins are good too.

Neil Manwaring

Elite AV

Audiologic are always first choice for us not just for competitive pricing but also for the great technical support they provide.

Alex Forman

Excite AV

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USB In/Out Audio Interface

In keeping with our aim of creating essential audio interfaces, ARX is excited to present the new ARX USB I/O - a true 24 bit High Resolution Plug and Play USB digital/analog pro audio interface. It removes the need to use any existing sound card...

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USB DI Plus Analog Interface

The USB DI installs as a fully compatible generic USB audio device, requiring no special driver program installation on Mac OSX and Win XP or later The front panel has a Type B USB input connector, plus a Mini-Jack stereo Analog input, as well as...

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Broadcast Splitter

The new ARX BSX16 Active Microphone/Line Splitter has been developed to deliver the performance required by the increasingly sophisticated level of today’s standards of E.N.G and broadcast audio production.

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The modern multi-zone Installation audio environment it has become a fact of life that one signal now has to go to more than one place, and usually at differing levels. And, to ensure a low noise floor and good frequency response, the split...

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Introducing the MaxiMIX from ARX: Two independent mixdown groups, each consisting of 4 line inputs with individual level controls and RF filters. Both groups can be linked for a Mono 8 channel mix. Each input has up to +6dB of gain available, and...

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ISO Switcher

The simplest ideas are usually the best! The new ISO Switcher is a stereo Input signal switcher for the extremely popular Audibox range. A front panel push button switch silently switches between two pairs of A or B female XLR inputs to a stereo...

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ISO Splitter

A transformer isolated 1 input to 2 outputs splitter for splitting 1 input 2 ways in applications where complete Galvanic isolation is required, eg Broadcast feeds, remote recording Available in Single Channel or Double Header format. The heavy...

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ISO Debalancer

A Unique de-balancing box, the De-Balancer will convert stereo Balanced Low Impedance signals to Unbalanced Low Impedance signals, to allow leads to run balanced from A to B and then be de-balanced for connecting to a high impedance/unbalanced...

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ISO Combiner

The ISO-Combiner is a new transformer isolated combiner for the Audibox range of Pro Audio tools and problem solvers. It is ideal for use in applications where two sources have to be combined into one silently and easily. A pair of transformer...

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ISO Balancer

The Iso Balancer DI converts Unbalanced Audio signals to Balanced, Low Impedance signals suitable for use with professional equipment and long cable runs. Transformer Ground isolation provides low-noise operation suitable for any application,...

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ARX 8-Pre

Mixing Console

If you love your compact Digital (or Analog) mixing console, but wish it had more microphone inputs, ARX has the solution – the 8 Pre: eight channels of superb sounding Microphone Pre-amps in a compact 1 RU chassis. The 8 Pre is the ideal console...

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Blue DI Box BT-1

Designed by the ARX Engineering team to fill the market niche for a wireless Active Direct Box interface, the new Blue DI connects all of today's (and tomorrow's) SmartPhones, Tablets and similar devices, to the Balanced Line Level Pro Audio...

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Av Active Di Box

Stereo AudioVisual Active Direct box, with dual RCA or stereo mini jack input and dual XLR outputs. The AV DI is ideal for interfacing computer sound cards with pro sound systems. Heavy duty all-steel chassis, –20 dB Pad switch, plus Phantom or...

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ARX QSwitch

Quad Channel Stereo Switcher

The Qswitch is a Quad Channel Stereo Switcher; a new addition to our popular AudiBox range of precision audio tools. With this useful device you can: Switch any of FOUR stereo inputs to ONE stereo output, OR Switch ONE stereo input to any of...

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