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RF Venue is on a mission to help businesspeople, performers, pastors, and anyone else who needs to speak, listen, or perform—inside or outside— communicate well without the distraction of RF dropouts or interference. RF can be complex, and many customers consider it to be mysterious. RF Venue takes the mystery out of RF so you don’t have to worry about it.

RF Venue sells products only through qualified partners who work on projects as small (and important) as the local church, up to companies that hold the biggest concerts, awards ceremonies and sporting events in the world.

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RF Venue are a brilliant brand who are innovating in the world of RF. With their wide array of problem solving kit, we have been able to oversee a variety of unique installations.

Anna ShahinApplication Support Engineer, Audiologic

Latest from RF Venue

RF Venue 4 ZONE

4 Zone Active Antenna Combiner

The 4 ZONE active antenna combiner takes the complexity and expense out of multi-zone wireless microphone projects. The 4 ZONE combines up to four separate pairs of diversity antenna connections for multi-purpose rooms, indoor-outdoor...

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RF Venue Diversity Fin

Diversity Fin® Antenna

The Diversity Fin® Antenna is a multi-purpose antenna for wireless microphones that doesn’t drop out by using our patented cross-polarized design. It provides a diversity solution in a single package by combining one log-periodic dipole array...

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